Happy Chinese New Year!

On January 19, 2023, SUNVIM MOTOR CO., LTD. held the 2022 annual work summary and commendation conference.
There are four main items on the agenda of the conference: the first is to read the commendation decision, the second is to award the advanced collective and the advanced individual, the third is to make a statement, and the fourth is the General Manager Tan’s speech.
A New Year, a new starting point. In the face of the opportunities and challenges in 2023, the majority of cadres and employees should closely focus on the company’s decision and deployment, unity, forge ahead, in order to successfully complete the tasks and objectives of this year, to achieve the leap-forward development of the company to make greater contributions!
Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year and everything goes well!


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Post time: Jan-19-2023