Large Frame Display

SUNVIM motors produced by tcomply with IEC international energy efficiency standards, frame size H80-450MM, power 0.75-1000KW,The motors can be provided with protection grade  IP55, IP56, IP65, IP66 and insulation grade F, H, temperature rise grade B.

A motor is a device or mechanism that rotates using the interaction of a magnetic field and an electric current. There are many types of motors, which can be divided into DC motors and AC motors according to their principles and structures. DC motor is the most widely used motor, and its basic components are stator, rotor and carbon brushes. Its working principle is based on the interaction of electric current and magnetic field. When current passes through the stator coils, a certain magnetic field will be generated in the stator. The stator magnetic field interacts with the rotor magnetic field to make the rotor rotate and achieve the purpose of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. AC motors are motors that operate on AC power. Simply put, it is a device that converts AC electrical energy into mechanical energy. The structure and principle of AC motors are different from DC motors, mainly composed of stators, rotors and inductors. When alternating current is applied, the current in the stator coil is no longer direct current, but alternating current, which makes the magnetic field in the stator constantly changing. The induced current in the rotor magnetic induction coil will change accordingly to generate a corresponding magnetic field, thereby causing the rotor to rotate. Motors play a very important role in modern society, whether in industrial production or in daily life, they have a wide range of applications. In addition to being widely used in electrical equipment, electric motors are also widely used in vehicles such as automobiles, ships, and airplanes, and even spacecraft need the support of electric motors. In general, the emergence of motors has greatly improved human production and lifestyle, allowing us to have more convenient, efficient, and intelligent tools and equipment.


Post time: Apr-03-2023