The necessity of selecting molding windings for high power motor

The manufacturing process of the formed winding is relatively complex, whether the use of enameled flat wire, silk coated flat wire, or bare copper winding, basically each specification product corresponds to a specific set of molds, and there are more connection points between the coils, making the welding of the winding a more complicated and critical quality control point, but even if there are so many difficulties, there are still a lot of motors. Especially the high power motor must use the formed winding.

The relatively regular arrangement of the flat wire used in the forming winding can effectively improve the utilization rate of the motor core slot; The larger conductive area of a single flat wire compared with a single round wire can effectively control the number of correlations in the winding process. Especially for the end of the motor winding, the formed winding will not be too tense, and the regular coil arrangement also ensures a good electrical clearance and creepage distance at the end, which can effectively improve the heat dissipation level of the winding, especially for the winding rotor motor, when the rotor adopts the formed winding, the coil itself forms an internal fan structure. It is also very beneficial to reduce the temperature rise level of the motor.


Post time: Jul-07-2023