IE2 Series High Efficiency Induction Motor

SUNVIM IE2 electric motors are manufactured according to international standard IEC60034-30-1:2014, and are totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel cage motors with new material, new process and new standard. They are widely used to drive various general equipments, like fans, pumps, machining tools, compressors, and transport machineries. The motors can also work safely and stably in industry field of petroleum, chemical , steel, mining and other places where there is with heavy load and harsh operating environment. All IE2 motors are provided with protection grade IP55, insulation grade F.

  • Standard: IEC60034-30-1
  • Frame Size: H80~355MM
  • Rated Power: 0.75kw-375kw
  • Degrees or Energy Efficiency: IE2
  • Voltage and Frequency: 400V50Hz
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    IE2 Series motors are cage induction motor designed in accordance with  IEC standards and IE2 energy efficiency.


    Standard IEC60034-30-1
    Frame Size H80~355MM
    Rated Power 0.75kw-375kw
    Degrees or Energy Efficiency IE2
    Voltage and Frequency 400V50Hz
    Degrees of Protection  IP55
    Degrees of Insulation/Temperature Rise  F\B
    Installation Method  B3 B5 B35 V1
    Ambient Temperature  -15°C -+40°C
    Relative humidity should be less than 90%
    Altitude should be lower than 1000m above sea level
    Cooling Method  IC411、 IC416、IC418、IC410

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    Ordering Instruction

    ● This catalog is for customer reference only. Please excuse that if there are any changes to the product, no additional notes will be made in advance.
    ● When ordering, please pay attention to the order data, such as power, voltage, speed, insulation class, protection class, installation type, etc. of the motor model.
    ● We can go for custom design and production of special motor products according to your requirements.
    1. Special voltages, frequencies and powers.
    2. Special insulation class and protection class;
    3. Left side with junction box, double shaft end and special shaft;
    4. High temperature motors or low temperature motors;
    5. In highland or outdoor use.
    6. Higher power or special service factor.
    7. With heaters, bearings or windings of PT100, PTC, etc.
    8. With encoder, insulated bearing, or insulated bearing construction.
    9. Other requirements.

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